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The Natural Stone Show & Hard Surfaces

June, 6-8 2023




To promote the natural stone of our region, The Valencian Institute for Business Competitivaness, (IVACE)  and  Mármol de Alicante, Asociación de la Comunidad Valenciana, have summoned natural stone firms to participate in “The Natural Stone Show & Hard Surfaces«, beginning June 6.

The Valencian Community is an important region of Spain, made up of three provinces (Castellón, Valencia and Alicante), which stands out for being the main region as extractor and processor of natural stone in Spain.

More than 45% of the marble exported from Spain to the rest of the world comes from our companies. The main destinations of our processed material are: Saudi Arabia, USA, Morocco, France, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Mexico, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Portugal….

Among the most demanded materials at international level are our registered trademarks: Crema Marfil®, Rojo Alicante® or Dark Emperador®. Also, other materials such as: Gris Pulpis, Piedra Bateig, Marrón Imperial, Spanish Gold, Crema Buixcarro, Rojo Coralito, Rosa Valencia and many other limestones and granites.

In the province of Alicante, Monte Coto is the largest open-cast limestone deposit in Europe, where one of our best-known materials, Crema Marfil®, is extracted.

The natural stone of the Valencian Community can be found in different and relevant buildings all over the world such as: The Prado Museum (Madrid), Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris), Bank of Spain (Madrid), l’Oceanográfic (Valencia), Tomorrow Square (Shanghai), AIG Tower (Hong Kong), among many others.

Our companies have earned the trust of the national and international market with constant effort. We are fully aware of the need to offer a product of absolute quality, which is of vital importance for our end consumers: architects and designers.

Mármol de Alicante, Asociación de la Comunidad Valenciana, is an association that brings together a wide range of companies in the natural stone sector in this Spanish region rich in natural stone deposits. A group of companies that encompasses all areas of work in the sector: extractive industries, processing and selling.

The Association, located in Novelda (Alicante, Spain), has been serving the sector for more than 40 years, supporting, promoting, and defending marble and natural stone, with the ultimate goal of joining forces, promoting industrial progress, digitisation, sustainability, circular economy and defending common objectives.


Meet us in the Natural Stone Show & Hard Surfaces, Stand G35


IVACE Foreign Trade Office London


Ph: +44 7542990342


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