Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial


Spanish Marble Group

Since 1999, the history of Spanish Marble Group is closely related to the evolution of architecture and design in natural stone.

E-Light MarbleĀ® technology and Stone Panels Aventurina can be used in many different applications thanks to its exceptional advantages.
Natural stone 6mm panels offer higher performance values due to the atributes provided by the backing materials.
The composition of each panel uses materials such as honeycomb, fiberglass, composite, or aluminium all of them are lightweighted but highly resistant.
The physical-mechanical behavior of lightweight stone 6mm laminated panels have excellent resistance characteristics and the lightweight. 14 Kg/m2
Also facilitate the creation of large backlit panels, some selected stones gain properties of translucency due to the thinness of the panels can confer to some selected stones the property of translucency.



The Natural Stone Show & Hard Surfaces
June, 6-8 2023

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