Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial




We are all over the world, but our shoes are produced in our factories in Elche (Spain), a city with a great shoemaking tradition.

We work with highly qualified people who take care of every step of the production process.


Our design team works to incorporate the latest fashion trends into our collections. But we also defend comfort as a right, with lasts that adapt to you, pleasant leathers and soft interiorss. We make shoes compatible with life.

From the very beginning of this family business, the work of the most expert hands has been as important as the application of the latest technology.

Lightweight soles with Wondersfly™ technology or memory gel inner soles are combined with rigorous workmanship and quality control by our staff.


We integrate sustainability into every decision we make and at every stage of production.

Water-based glues, soles made from recycled materials, sustainable leathers, recycled packaging and renewable energies are just some of the facts.

And the fact that your shoes last as long as you want them to thanks to their quality also contributes to our commitment to caring for the planet.









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