Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial

東京 / TOKYO
9月27日(火)/ Sept., 27th 2022
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SHUKHRAT KHAKIMOV & VITICULTORES(SK&V)は“気まぐれでクレイジー”な、特別なワインを提案します。ガレージワインやSO2不使用のワイン、業務用ではない土着品種で作られたワイン、アンセストラル(田舎製法)ワイン、ビオディナミ・ワイン、など。


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SHUKHRAT KHAKIMOV & VITICULTORES introduces special Freaky & Crazy wines: garage wine, natural wine without sulfites, non-commercial indigenous varieties, ancestral wines, biodynamic, etc.

SK&V is an association of winemakers, oenologists, people who are passionate about wine and everything related to it. Our goal is to produce non-conventional wines from the unique vineyards of autochthonous varieties in different areas of Spain (mostly Levante). We take care of the vineyards in a natural/biodynamic way, all the processes are carried out manually and all wines are vinified naturally.



Wines from the Region of Valencia
9月27日(火)/ Sept., 27th 2022
東京 / TOKYO

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