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EL PAELLER is a company dedicated to the production of wood-fired paella broths and preparations, made with 100% natural ingredients and in a traditional way.

Rafael Margós, founding partner, is considered one of the great references in the preparation of wood-fired paellas. He was raised in the kitchen of Las Bairetas, in Chiva, the family restaurant that houses the largest paella pan in the world. There he found the recipe to bring the authentic wood-fired paella to the whole world, keeping its flavour, texture and other properties intact. In order to transfer all the essence of the traditional wood-fired paella to the manufacturing process, Rafa designed a giant paella pan, unique in the world. A unique process with one objective: to bring the authentic Valencian paella to the whole world.

A work of engineering that allows the frying and the broth to be made in a traditional way, achieving a uniform frying of all the ingredients and distributing the heat of the firewood, just as in the traditional
the firewood, just like in the classic paella, but in a big way. To achieve perfect preservation, the cooking of the broth is interrupted and it is bottled at the ideal moment, maintaining all its nutritional properties and all its flavour.


El Paeller は伝統的な製法を大切にし、100%ナチュラルな原料を用いパエリャ用のスープや牧野秀志揚げたパエリャを製造する会社です。創設者であるラファエル マンゴス は薪で炊き上げるパエリャの第一人者です。家族経営のレストランで育ち、そこで彼は世界に通用する薪で炊き上げるパエリャのレシピを開発しました。









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