Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial

New York
September 17-20, 2023


Otijane’s activity focuses on design, produce and sell vegan shoes for woman.


The project was born around 5 years ago and it’s been developed by my own. My philosophy is based on animal free concept plus qualified manufacture and style.  

As vegan person I had difficulties to find shoes to fit in my criteria. 

It‘s really hard find in the market good quality shoes which look nice and fancy, but without any leather.  

That was my leit motiv: to supply to those women who (same as me) would like to wear nice and quality shoes but not animal skin.  

I pay special attention on fabrics and materials. Vegan is not enought. I use recycling textiles, high performance and plant based fabrics. 

I describe my shoes as timeless pieces, but not basics. Able to be worn on any occasion and season. I offer design, not fashion.  

My goal is people consider Otijane brand as an essential for your wardrobe not just short lived trendy shoes.   

Design and samples manufacture are developed by myself.  

My production and supply chain is centralized in Alicante area, where I live. 



FashionLab Market
September 17-20, 2023
New York

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