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NAT HEY – Deshidratados del Mediterráneo SL

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Deshidratados del Mediterráneo is a company dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of dehydrated products under the Nat Hey brand.

We use top quality raw material, coming from local agriculture and mainly from our own farms. The raw material is harvested at its optimum point of ripeness, we take care of the production process and avoid inert times.

Our aim is to give added value to perishable products, to dehydrate food in a natural way in order to offer our customers quality products, vegan, gluten-free, additive-free and preservative-free products. That’s why our motto is The luxury of the natural.

The NatHey brand is not just dried fruit and vegetables. It is a purpose. It is the concern for the rural depopulation and has a moral responsibility for ethical water use. It wants to revitalise the fertile land that previous generations have already used and enjoyed, in order to make delicious dehydrated fruit and vegetables. Ensuring we can provide you with an authentic Mediterranean experience.






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