Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial

June, 21-22 2023



We are a well-known Spanish family business with extensive experience in the preparation of traditional pastries and drinks.

We started in the food sector more than 50 years ago with a small oven in the Valencian town of Alboraya, famous for its horchata, one of the most refreshing and healthy drinks in existence. One of the first products we created were the fartons, which quickly became a classic to accompany the horchata. A few years after creating Fartons Polo, and given the trust and great acceptance obtained by consumers, we decided to produce and distribute our own horchata to other regions and countries.

In addition to horchata, we offer pastry products that stand out for their quality and careful preparation, since we use natural ingredients. We especially highlight the Panettone, with raisins and orange or with chocolate chips, the Pandoro and the Focaccia, whose textures and flavours have nothing to envy to those produced in Italy; in fact, in many countries they already enjoy these products.



The Region of Valencia @IBERICA 2023
June, 21-22 2023

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