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Grupo Coviñas is the leading winery in the DO Utiel-Requena, owner of almost half of the region’s vineyards and which represents more than 3,000 growers under the banner of cooperativism, and standing for the fair treatment of all cooperative members equality and solidarity as a model of success and as an engine for economic growth.

A range of domestic and international awards confirm this and Coviñas was named World’s Best Cooperative Winery by DWM, under the patronage of the OIV (the International Organisation of Vine and Wine), the UIOE (the International Union of Oenologists) and the World Federation of International Wine Competitions.

Today, almost 60 years since it was established, Grupo Coviñas has come to exceed the figure of 16 million bottles per year, exporting its wines to more than thirty countries.



Wines from the Region of Valencia – Philippines
September, 27th 2023

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