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JOSE MARIA GOMEZ MIRA SA, was founded in 1918 for the manufacture of spices, herbal teas and seasonings in a wide variety of formats, under the brand name EL AVION.

Adhering to our founder’s principles of selecting only the finest raw materials, the key to our success has stemmed from our well-deserved reputation for processing these most meticulously, together with attention to detail in the servicing of our customers.

The same principles have been maintained for more than a hundred years, and we have achieved the highest standards for JOSE MARIA GOMEZ MIRA S.A. with spices and condiments throughout this period.

Certification IFS shows our deep commitment to quality and the improvement of production processes.

We are specialists in traditional Spanish products such as paprika and saffron. Our long experience and knowledge of these products enable us to select the finest raw materials sourced by traditional methods, both in the harvesting or in their dried state.

We are leaders in products related to paellas (paella seasoning, paella kits, paella “tapa”). This world-renowned dish originates from our Valencian community, with the full gastronomic culture which is associated with paellas.

Our aim is to incorporate our knowledge of these specialties into our products.






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