Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial

Singapore, Thailand
September, 12-30 2022
Companies involved


Chocolates Clavileño master chocolatiers since 1882.

We are a family-run, traditional and innovative brand of chocolates. The experience accumulated over many generations by master chocolatiers is nowadays facilitated by the most innovative production and food preservation technologies. Our latest innovations have focused on creating products that meet the needs of cocoa lovers. A chocolate made with the best ingredients that tastes of artisan tradition.

Our wide range of products has been expanded every year. Increasing our range of chocolates with a high percentage of cocoa, implementing natural sweeteners such as stevia in our recipes, innovating through new sensorial experiences such as the development of ruby chocolate, pure cocoa powder or chocolate wafers. This, added to our already extensive catalogue of milk, white and dark chocolates, makes Chocolates Clavileño the best option for enjoying cocoa.



Valencian Food Show Singapore & Thailand
September, 12-30 2022
Singapore, Thailand

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