Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial

Singapore, Thailand
September, 12-30 2022
Companies involved


CFED ESPAÑA, SL is a Spanish company that has been in the food business for over 25 years  offering a complete Spanish Food Concept based on the Spanish food and “Tapas” with our brand  «Plaza del Sol».

We have experienced a huge development in Europe and already proven to be very successful in most major European chains. In France, we have managed to be the benchmark for Spanish food with very good exposure in retailers like Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc  among others.

Our main objective is to give sense to the Spanish food offer at the point of sale internationally, to make it easier for consumers to identify and bring him closer to Spanish cuisine. At the same time, we facilitate the work of the buyer allowing him to manage the entire offer of Spanish products with a single supplier.

Our concept makes easier to have a wide assortment of authentic Spanish highquality products, with a clear Spanish identification.



Valencian Food Show Singapore & Thailand
September, 12-30 2022
Singapore, Thailand

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