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Carmencita USA

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Carmencita was established in 1923 and was the first Spanish company to bottle spices in glass jars.

Today we can proudly say that Carmencita is the leading Spanish brand on the spice market.

Currently and coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Carmencita, our company is building new facilities of more than 300.000 square feet, which will be the largest and most modern spice factory in Spain and one of the most important in Europe.

Carmencita has been exporting since the 1940s and we are present in 65 countries on 5 continents.

This year we are opening in Miami our new affiliate company Carmencita USA, inc. Our sales team and our quality department has taken the FSVP training and eleven employees has completed successfully the PCQI training.

Our goal with the opening of our subsidiary in Miami is bringing closer one of the best dishes of our gastronomy to the American consumers: the PAELLA. In our catalog you will find a wide range of typical Spanish products including paprika, paella seasonings and paella kits that include everything needed to prepare this typical Spanish dish.







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